A few of my Sunday Love Letters.

LVL_A different kind of content_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_Balancing act of identity_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_The diffrence between caring and curiosity_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_Begin Again_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_Sunday_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_Because Time doesn't wait_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_Boys love lullabies_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_Girls love to sing_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_Falling into someone_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_Febuary 14_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_Of my own design_Nicole Guice.jpg
LVL_You cant see my face but I'm smiling_Nicole Guice.jpg